Geek In the City (Book Thoughts: The Rise And Fall Of A Theater Geek, Seth Rudetsky)

16069019Since ‘The Rise And Fall Of A Theater Geek’ was written by Seth Rudetsky, I guess I was expecting more from it. You know that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Broadway, so I was kind of expecting a little bit of that here.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, because this is a young adult novel about a teenager, Justin, who got a two-week internship in New York City. never mind all the pesky details, I was trying to go along for the ride. but Justin has such an obnoxious voice, though, that it was very difficult to like him. Plus. all the characters around him were unlikable and the ‘mystery’ he got embroiled in was a little hard to just accept. But, I really do not want to knock this book off – it has good intentions and really, a young theater geek will probably identify himself in one of these characters. It just wasn’t for me.

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