When In Love (Music Thoughts: This Girl’s In Love: Rumer)

mi0004151140An album tribute to Burt Bachrach and Hal David isn’t the most revolutionary thing in the world, but really, do they still do these things nowadays? I just had this idea that I would love Adele to do one.  So I guess I will just have to settle with another british singer who goes by one name: Rumer. And I am not complaining. Singing from arrangements by her husband Rob Shirakbari, Rumer does well by the material. these songs can be tricly to cover – you either stay too faithful to otiginal versions that it will feel like a night at the karaoke, or you end up trying to go the opposite way you ruin your version of the song. Rumer opts for a low-key AM light approach – she does not doo too much on the arrangements, letting her vocals shine throughout. These songs could be the trickiest to sing – there are a lot of twists and turns in “The Look Of Love,” for example, but it has to be done subtly and seemingly effortlessly.  I like her melancholy in ‘A House Is Not A Home’ without seeing too dramatic about it. I know some people compare Rumer’s vocals to the late great Karen Carpenter, but I don’t get it – Rumer is less sweet. Perhaps people mistake her retro vibe? Bachrach obviously gives his stamp of approval as he sings the intro to ‘This Girl’s In Love With You.’  I give mine as well – this is a well thought out album, and worthy of teh Bachrach-David masterpieces.

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