Sufferings (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E10 -Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?)


I was looking forward to Episode 10 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for a number of reasons. First, the title: Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim. I mean. Plus, this episode brings Patti Lupone’s debut on the show, with Tovah Feldshuh returning as well. In my fantasy, here would be numerous scenes with Lupone and Feldshuh interacting – two powerhouse Broadway broads. And truly, I liked the episode – I liked Josh coming to New York and meeting Rebecca’s family, a Filipino interacting with hard-core Jews (there’s a joke there somewhere) I loved the dynamic between Josh and Rebecca’s mom – how they bonded over fish dishes. And of course, I loved the musical number ‘We Suffered,’ with vocals by Lupone and Feldshuh. So why am I not crazy about the episode, as I should have been? Perhaps because I really dislike the other story line, the one still set in California wherein Nathaniel is tormenting all the other employees at the law firm. If they eliminated those scenes, I would be much more enthusiastic. I want to trust the show as I always do and go with where it is going, but right now I am just getting a bit frustrated. But I have to say I was funny-shocked at the end of this episode, when Josh asks Rebecca to marry him, after claiming the ring Rebecca pawned last year. Rebecca’s therapist’s reaction was hilarious, too, just as she thought Rebecca was going to break through and realize the root of all of her problems (but how not fun would that be?) With just a couple of episodes left for the season, I await where this will all lead. (Though of course I am elated the show has been renewed for a third season!)

One thought on “Sufferings (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E10 -Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?)

  1. I loved “We Suffered” and Patti and Tovah sang it so well. I even love how the DJ got involved. 🙂
    It was nice seeing a different side of Nathaniel and how he and Darryl connected as a result.
    I agree that the rest of the episode was lukewarm and I felt bad for the therapist when Josh interrupted the session while Rebecca was on the verge of a breakthrough.


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