Cream Of The Tropics (Perfume Thoughts: Folavril, Annick Goutal)

o-2754I have almost all of Annick Goutal fragrances but they are all in the back of my storage so a lot fo times I neglect to use them, so lately I have been making an effort to grab ones each day. I keep on forgetting how wonderful these fragrances are. I mean, she is the original niche of all niche fragrances, even before they called them such. So today I grabbed Folavril, which I know is one of her very first perfumes. This was first released on 1981 and it evokes Spring. I spritzed it and I smell a tropical burst. I know that the note here is supposed to be mango, and I have to think about that for a minute because this is not your typical juicy mango. This is a much refined drier version, and I can also sense other fruits in there. That burst is gone quickly, and we get aldehydes – and tons and tons and tons of them. This quickly goes to smell like a classic French perfume – it’s sweet, powdery, and very face-cream like.  I could imagine if this perfume was created today, it would smell like a generic fruity florals, with a fruitchouli base. But this goes more the way of classic perfume. I know this may nto be everyone’s cup of tea. I could hear someone saying it smells like Pond’s, but I love it. It reminds me of a nice walk on a Spring Day in Paris, although I don’t think I have ever experienced a walk on a Spring Day in Paris. But whatever, if a perfume can visualize that to me, then I would already consider it a success.

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