A Voice And A Uke (Music Thoughts: Rain Or Shine, The Springtails)

10477599My father used to play the ukulele, so perhaps I am always drawn to music that has it. The Springails is a husband and wife duo from Michigan: Andy and Julianna Wilson. He plays the ukulele, she sings. She sings with a no-frills style with a just a bit of country twang (it reminds me bit of Iris Dement’s) and they play mostly standards and songs from the vaudeville era. I am listening to their newest album ‘Rain Or Shine,’ and I am drawn to it. I love the light swing of ‘I Cant Give You Anythig But Love,’ it gives a 70s AM radio vibe, sort of like what I call NPR music. At times there are perfussions and bass, and it’s a full quartet, as in “Look At Miss Ohio,’ And ‘Swing Brother Swing,’ and in that last part, they do swing so hard like from a chandelier. My favorites, though are the quieter tracks, like ‘I Wish You Love’ where Wilson’s plaintive reading proves that simple singing packs more of a wallop. It’s been raining this morning, and this album has been the perfect soundtrack for it.

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