Love Southside (Movie Thoughts: Southside With You)

1611081140252_lTomorrow, whether we like it or not, but we will get a new President. Tributes to them are flooding all of social media. People on Facebook are changing their profile pictures to ones of the First Family in solidarity, and as a thank you for their service. I wanted to voice my own small way of saying thanks to them by watching ‘Southside With You,’ the love story film of Barrack and Michele’s first date. Director Richard Tanne channels the ‘before’ series by placing the action of teh whole film in a day, wherein we spy on them as they go on a first date. Or, as both of them insist in the beginning, ‘not a first date.’  In the law firm where they both work (she works as a lawyer in charge of him, who is interning for the summer) You can sense the chemistry between them from the very beginning, and both Tika Sumpter (as Michele) and Parker Sawyers (as Barrack) are perfectly cast: it is as if we are really seeing the younger versions for real. They both got the voice and mannerisms down pat. As a film, though, I wish I was more enthused by it. There wasn’t enough conflict to sustain the 84 minutes, and their story was treated like porcelain. A little edge would have been better. But make no mistake, their love story is one for the books, and must be celebrated.

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