Winds Of A Dream (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex girlfriend S02 E11 – Josh Is The Man Of My Dreams


I should really be ecstatic about  S02 E11 of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ (Josh is The Man Of My Dreams) but as it stands, I am just enjoying it, and maybe more from familiarity than anything else. And I may be the only person watching this show who thinks this second season is ‘off.’  Perhaps because there is less romantic conflict and more ‘comedy’ ? I think it’s still a solid show, I am just not as emotionally involved as I was last year. the premise of this week’s episode is funny – the Santa Ana winds come in to West Covina and it makes people act and feel crazy. But i felt a lot of it forced, though some of the fallout from it is inspired. First of all, how about that development that Rebecca and Josh’s wedding will be two weeks away? And since I think there will be two episodes left I am envisioning that the second season finale, just like the first one, will revlve around a wedding.  But I didn’t think the Nathaniel attracted to Rachel was funny enough, although it’s nice to see Nathaniel do musical numbers. I think they are also exploring the other characters in the office, like George, and the lady with the boyfriend in San Quentin. It felt a little too much too everything at times to me.  Maybe really it’s just me.

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