Floral Of Arabia (Perfume Thoughts: Black IV, AJ Arabia)

o-34744I got AJ Arabia Black IV a while back, probably about a year ago, but realized I never wrote about it. Of all my recent purchases, this has been the most crowd pleaser, qith a young woman stopping me at one point to ask me what perfume i was wearing because she liked it so much. I told her it was Paco Robanne One Million, because if I told her it was Arabia, it would have been a much longer conversation, with her starting with “What?”  Aj Arabia is a perfume house based in Abu Dhabi, and the name stands for the initials of Ali Aljaberi, its founder and Creative Director.

look at the story behind Aj Arabia IV: “Black IV tells the story of a love at first sight. Characterized by an animal attraction, Black IV is both subtle and playful, telling a story of hushed romance where a glance can turn into immediate temptation.”  the bottle is inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

So there’s a lot of story there, but how does it smell? this is a spicy floral, starting with rose and some jasmine, but blended well that it doesn’t smell like either, just a fusion scent. there is bergamot here that brings out freshness, and some clean musk. While on paper, it sounds boring, the perfumes’ strength comes from the material used – this smells luxurious, and you know nothing was skimped in making this. This is my go-to office scent – inoffensive. opulent-smelling, and as I said earlier, a great crowd pleaser. It’s gotten to be a favorite, something I reach for when I can’t decide what to wear.

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