Must Have Been Cold There In Their Shadow (Television Film Thoughts: Beaches, Lifetime)

13515492_aaA lot of people are asking – does the world really need a ‘beaches’ remake? It’s such a beloved movie for so many people that it would be impossible to top it. Admittedly, it’s a pretty flawed movie, but it has connected with the audience, and to this day people still watch it with a good cry. Even Idina Menzel, who stars in the remake, in an interview with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens live,’ has said that a lot of older gay men were getting mad at her for doing this role (presumably these are all Bette Midler fans ) but like it or not, here it comes!

So is it any good? Well, it’s not bad, but it pales in scale from the original. The story seems rushed, but I like the update details they did. And I think the CC character needs to be bigger than life, and Menzel seems more everyday woman than diva. Nia Long is great in her role, as the ‘lesser’ character, and Long and Menzel have great easy chemistry that it is easy to believe that their characters are truly best friends.  And they use Menzel’s singing voice to good use, although I could imagine it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

but really, it isn’t that bad. Menzel and Long engage you, and I was pretty touched by the end. It’s impossible to compare it to the original, but for what it is – a Lifetime movie – it serves its purpose, and well.

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