Sangaile Last Summer (Movie Thoughts: The Summer Of Sangaile)

sangaile%cc%87s_vasara_poster‘Summer Of Sangaile is a Lithuanian Lesbian Love Story, and how many of those do we get? Not much, so I was very excited to watch this. It’s a very sweet love story between two young women, Sangaile (Julija Steponaityte) and Auste (Aiste Durzuite)  Saingaile is a troubled young woman, and when she cross paths with artistic eccentric Auste, a whole world is opened to hers. It was great to see their relationship blossom, and director Alante Kavaite sets all of this in a movie that is so visually appealing that it will draw you t the story instantly. But, characters are undeveloped, especially Sangaile who we see is in full turmoil but we never get to understand what causes it – we know she has a mother who is a former dancer and may be a bit hard on her, but other than that, we are left to wonder why she wallows in such darkness. At times the great visuals distract you from it, but towards the end I had more questions than answers, and that is never a good thing. But I give this movie A for effort.

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