Commitment (Film Thoughts: Between Us)

mv5bmmvmnwi2njctymm3zs00mwu3lwjingytmdczztyzmti4ymi1l2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyntm3mdmymdq-_v1_uy268_cr90182268_al_Commitment is that tricky thing, and it comes in different shapes and sizes, and situations and circumstances. It’s all scary. Director Rafael Palacio Illingsworth explores these themes in ‘Between Us.’  It stars Olivia Thirlby and Ben Feldman as Henry and Diane, a couple well into their sixth year of being together. In the beginning of the movie, we see them looking at a nice suburban apartment, way away from Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Are they ready to take the next step? Or is this the next step? Henry is more resistant to the idea, for he cannot take being one of those suburban couples – he is a filmmaker after all, so he has ambitions of forever being an artiste. So what is the solution they take so they don’t have to make that big step? They get married, of course. It’s easier. more palatable to where they want to be in their life. But, there are bumps in their roads. There are temptations – a young musician groupie for him, her boss, and later on, a stage actor for her. To be honest, I thought this was just going to be those small indie films with a lot of feelings and pretenses, but I found it more than that (though it is that,too) This film goes straight to the intimacy between two people, and their closeness seems to be at times uncomfortable to watch, though undoubtedly real, very very real. I loved the way this film ended, it’s open ended in a way that will make you think. Watch this, and for sure you will see yourself in here.

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