Smells Of My Youth (Perfume Thoughts, Santos de Cartier, Cartier)

indexSpecific perfumes remind me of my past. I remember when I was exclusively wearing The Body Shop pure vanilla perfume oil, and I had my Pink Sugar period just like everyone else (All perfumistas I know did!)  Santos de Cartier reminds me of a friend, and I always used to make fun of him when he wore it, and his response was: “This perfume matches my Cartier Santos watch.” Can’t say I blame him, I would have done the same thing.

Someone offered me Cartier bottles last year, all for very very cheap because she had overstocks, so I got all I could to file holes in my collection, and I got, for the first time ever, Santos. And it brought me back to my salad days, going to bars with my friend, late night outs and just being young. Santos has that late 80s perfume vibe – it’s a huge scent – it has sillage for days, it has a slight musky feel, it smells of, frankly, my youth. Vetiver with musk and patchouli – those are the three things I get here, and dark notes of those, which I may be just associating with the black bottle. I am wearing it today, and it’s quite strong – the vetiver is dirty, the patchouli fading. This is a city perfume – it is instantly sophisticated, you would want to wear this with a suit and tie. It’s Aramis with a European feel, it’s Polo without the sport. I can’t imagine wearing this everyday now – it’s much too much at times. But once in a while, I can reminisce, and this would be perfect.

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