You’re An Education (Book Thoughts: Educating Simon,Robin Reardon)

18723585‘Educating Simon’ by Robin Reardon is a book that got to me – to the core. It is a story of Simon, a teenager living in England, on his way to Oxford University. But his mother meets an American, and this whirlwind affair has them relocating her and Simon to Boston. Of course, Simon gets upset. I know a lot of readers have said that in this initial part of the novel, they found Simon unlikable. But for me, I sort of understood. Yes, there is a feeling that he seems to be entitled, but I kind of got where he was coming from, especially since he found that he was being lied to. he then comes to Boston, and obviously, life has changed. Life is different, but in here he starts to blossom as a young gay man, meeting suitors, getting his heart broken, even breaking someone’s heart.

Usually when I read a book, I want to go through it quick, especially when I am so engrossed by the story. but here, I found myself stopping, reflecting on what has happened. In a lot of ways, I felt a little envious of his life – how everything is still new, and he has the whole world to discover. I found myself reflecting on my life a bit, oh hell, a lot. This book isn’t perfect. I felt that sometimes too much is going in his life, events are getting overwhelming even for the reader. But this book always kept me involved, and more importantly, always kept me reacting, and making me think about life…and love.

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