She’s Just A Girl In Love (Television Thought Josh Takes A Leap of Faith, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E13)


So here we are, at the season two finale of ‘Crazy…,’  and I really do feel it is an uneven season, but by gosh by golly, the season finale, especially the last scene is a doozy. Rebecca Bunch really is crazy, and in this episode, via flashbacks, how she became that way, or at least one of the reasons why. And I was really interested whether they would really go through the wedding, as Josh has been having second thoughts, aided by a dossier given to him by Rebecca’s own crazy ex-boyfriend. In an interview with Rachel Bloom, she said that when they originally pitched the series, they pitched a four season show with a very specific story arc, and she says they are sticking by it. So, all this is part of a bigger, structured picture. I do wonder where Season two fit in all of it, as I felt it had a whole lot of ‘fillers.’  But back to the episode at hand, this rushed wedding seems to be back on track, thanks to Valencia’s wedding planning, and it couldn’t go possibly go wrong, could it? Of course, the unexpected happens. Josh, confused and dejected, decides to enter the seminary, leaving Rebecca at the altar. And we get to see her have a mental breakdown, similar to hat she experienced in the flashbacks after the professor she was having an affair with, dumped her. But what else do we see? After she takes it all in, Rebecca makes a threat – she will exact revenge on Josh, setting perhaps what the third season will look like, and yes, it looks delicious. I can just imagine the wild crazy schemes she will cook up to poor, unsuspecting Josh. Let the games begin. I am so there!

One thought on “She’s Just A Girl In Love (Television Thought Josh Takes A Leap of Faith, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E13)

  1. The season finale was such a game changer. I did not see the story line about her professor coming at all. And I love how her dad got mixed into everything. I hope she gets all four seasons to explore the arc.


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