Small Smells (Perfume Thoughts, Le Petit, Tokyo Milk)

nd-11153In one of the perfume blogs, there is this big debate about whether Tokyo Milk, as a brand, smells like cheap perfume. Well, technically it is, because the price points are on the more ‘affordable’ side. I personally like it, and in my opinion, it doesn’t smell ‘cheap.’ I mean, I also don’t think it smells ‘luxury,’ (whatever that means, even as I use the term) but the line has good solid scents, some even unique and interesting (‘Rose & Ginwater,’ for example)

So today, I wore Le Petit (Tokyo Milk #2) I was looking for something ‘sporty,’ as I would be moving some furniture, and nothing in the men’s sporty section interested me, so I reached for this. I still like it, the vanilla base is actually good in the cold undertone of today’s weather. There is a lot more aldehydes coming out, all of a sudden, and there is that slightly generic ‘floral’ there (I see peony listed as a prominent note, but, no) and that floral is screechy, which may be the reason why people judge this as cheap smelling. The scent veers more feminine, if I may say, and when I started to sweat, felt more – the screech of the synthetic flowers got amped up. But I really can’t get too upset at it, to be honest. It is a buy that’s almost risk-free, and it brings me enough joy. So, there.

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