Guys With iPhones (Movie Thoughts: Don’t Hang Up)

v1-btsxmjmxmduznjtqoze3mjqyozeymda7mtm4nzsymdq4Only cute boys can get me to watch a horror movie, and if you have two of them in the same film, then sure, sign me up. Two two said boys, Gregg Sulkin and Garrett Clayton, star in ‘Don’t Hang Up,’ which I guess is more a thriller than a horror film.Minutes into the film, I realize why I am not a fan of these particular types of films. First, I don’t like ot be ‘disturbed’ when I am supposed to be entertained. Life is scary enough, and especially these times, people around us are scary. At the same time, I just don’t believe any of these stories, and I don’t believe the film. I started rolling my eyes when things got testy in the film. Basically, the premise of the film is that pranksters get revenged on. I have a friend who loves playing pranks on people, and I always tell him, one day you will get the wrong person and you will regret it. I have some questions in the story but I won’t even bother. What matters is that Sulkin and Clayton both look good here, and even when they are filled with blood, they still look delicious. And they have some great chemistry, and I wish in the middle of it, they had started kissing! Okay, I know that sounds slash fiction-like, but really, I got a little bit of homoerotic vibe between the two. So I really did not like the film, to be honest, but it was only 83 minutes, and I got an eyeful of man candy, so net net, not a waste.

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