Figs In A Blanket (Perfume Thoughts: Fico de Amalfi, Acqua di Parma)

downloadI was staying at a friend’s placer and I noticed that he had Acqua di Parma’s Fico de Amalfi. I was surprised because I always associate the Acqua di Parma label as an older gentleman’s brand. This release is under their Blu Mediterrenean umbrella, which is their ‘fresh’ cologne type offerings, and the bottles are bright blue, evoking the sea. (Tom Ford uses similar hue on his lighter, Amalfi releases as well)  These divisions help them cater to a younger crowd.

Fico de Amalfi is a great citrus release, heavier than your normal cologne type fragrances. It’s cool, and for some reason I associate it with holding a glass of mojito. It’s more sea by way of Europe than the Caribbean, and is easy to wear. The burst of grapefruit and lemon in the beginning is very appealing, and then the fig comes out. This is a sweet and ripe fig, perfect for plucking. The scent has a very ‘established brand’ feel – you know you are getting quality here. I like it, but probably won’t be in a rush to get this as a full bottle because it doesn’t really ‘interest’ me that much. It’s a very competent citrus fruity floral, though I tend to like my figs greener. But on a hot summer day, I would imagine this would be very comfortable to wear.

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