Heigling (Television Thoughts: Doubt, CBS)

1d4f8d4ee74a6ea9f1b5075437258037mv5bmtkxodeynjcznf5bml5banbnxkftztgwndcxndy0mti-_v1_sy1000_cr006871000_al_111One of the signs of old age – I am now watching procedural dramas. Well, one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife, ended last year, and I have been looking for a ‘replacement’ for it ever since. Well, I am quite satisfied with my other favorite ‘Madam President,’ but you know, I am always looking for something. then ‘Doubt’ comes along, which I have seen described as a cross between A Shonda Rimes show and TGW, so obviously, it piqued my interest. Plus, it stars Katherine Heigl, whom I am quite fond of. I know she rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I say she is just a strong woman with ideas, so what the heck.  Here she plays Sadie, a sassy New York lawyer who is at the top of her game – of course, her personal life is in shambles and here we find out she has fallen in love with the man she is trying to defend, who is accused of murdering someone when he was in his teens. Is he guilty or not? I guess that is the arc this show will try to explore this season. But on each episode, there are other cases too, as there is a great supporting cast, most notably Laverne Cox playing a trans lawyer. They get that out right from the bat, and is treated just like any character quirk (progress, my dears) The cases, on the pilot episode anyway, aren’t as good as any of the ones from TGW, but it has potential to get better. I love these New York based shows, as it is good to see veteran Broadway performers popping up here – Steven Pasqual plays the love interest, and my dear Donna Murphy is one of the government lawyers. I look forward to seeing what happens in this world every week.

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