Screen Screams (Music Thoughts: Songs Of Cinema, Michael Bolton)

portadasongsofcinemaStill feeling post Vaentine Day blues? Let Michael Bolton ease your pain. I see that he has a Netflix Valentine’s Day special, but I have not seen it and hear it mostly mocks him, and his image that he sings romantic ballads that makes couples want to make babies (that sentence just made me throw up a little)  This album, ‘Songs Of Cinema’ is a companion piece to that special, with ‘romantic’ songs that will want to make…whatever. The song selection is a curious mix, and it’s connection to cinema is laughable. Surely ‘Cupid’ has been used in a lot of movies, but it isn’t anything you would instantly say is a ‘movie’ song. Actually, the whole album feels like a song or two from any of his albums.

Bolton is in his same old self, musically. There’s that blue eyed soul that is exaggerated here – I cringe everytime he hits a high note, most evident in the starter track, ‘When A Man Loves A Woman.’  In ‘As Time Goes By,’ I thought he was a little spare in the beginning, but the excesses do come in. I like the arrangement in ‘I Will Always Love You,’ his duet with Dolly Parton (Sometimes we forget that this was once a small, more heartfelt song) but they seem to be singing from different worlds where Parton is more tender and contemplative, and Michael Bolton is, well, he is being his old Michael Bolton self.

So basically, if you are a fan, you will probably like this album. I know of this one guy who is such a huge fan that when Bolton had a concert, he wanted front row tickets. but for someone liek me who is old and carmudgeony, then this might be pure hell on earth.

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