River Lee (Television Thoughts: Riverdale, The CW)

riverdale_posterI know I am not CW’s demographic – don’t their shows usually cater to teenagers? But here I am finding myself glued to watching their new show, Riverdale, which is a modern soap/thriller young adult show based on the popular Archie comics of yesterday. These characters, however, are drawn on very modern times. There’s of course that triangle of him with Betty and Veronica. I think it’s still going to be there. I have finished up to Episode 5, and there’s already sexual tension brewing between Archie and Veronica. But this Archie is a ‘ginger stallion,’ as he has been described by other characters here – he is having an affair with his Music teacher! Scandalous, you say. ‘They didn’t have those when we were growing up,’ his dad, played by Luke Perry, says to him. So I guess it’s half-circle now for Perry, having played Archie’s role – the show hunk – when he was in Beverly Hills 90210. And Archie is a modern renaissance hunk. Not only is he the football god here, but also a budding musician composing sensitive music, ripe for screams from the teenage crows. Played by AJ Kappa, this Archie has resemblance from the cartoon drawing, but hunkified, just for our pleasure. he is shirtless, a lot. Betty and Veronica are modern versions as well. Lili Reinhart is Betty and Camila Mendes are modern day vixens, and they sneak and manipulate. Betty even takes Adderall! And Kevin is gay, of course, and looks like he is even sexually active, and good for him.

At the heart of the story is a murder mystery. It’s kind of distracting for me, since I would prefer this be a straight soap. But it’s not a deterrent. This is a sleek and sexy reboot.

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