She’s Got A Crush On You (Movie Thoughts: First Girl I Loved)

mv5bmzzjzdrintgtztvmnc00nzkwlwjjngytmzzkmje4zjzkzmi0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndi0mtyynzu-_v1__e133e25bbc7b6020328147bc5f0c091f-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Just the other day, I was disappointed by a lesbian movie I saw, but I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something because I just saw one that’s fantastic: bittersweet, tender, and intelligent. These characters may do stupid things, but they aren’t stupid – they are flawed like you and me, sometimes overrun by our emotions, oftentimes we know what we are doing, and we seek what we want regardless of consequences. In “First Girl I Loved,’ Anne (Dylan Gelula) develops a crush on softball player Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand) and it develops to something more, something they both think they want, only one of them is just a little unsure about what she wants. Karem Sanga’s captures the rawness of first love – how it becomes so big in our hearts, and how its size can hurt us because we let it, and (hopefully) we come out of it learning a lesson or two. But besides that, this movie also captures the complexity of friendship between Anne and Clifton (Mateo Arias) who also both navigate boundaries consent, and that blurred line when two people get close. I loved this movie, it feels like you are watching a sensitive novel because of its lyrical poignancy. I knwo I sometimes have low toleration for stupidity of young people, but I would gladly spend time with the kids here. Much recommended.

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