The Devil In The Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Playing With The Devil, By Killian)

650_1200I have a love-hate relationship with By Killian. Or perhaps I just hate it because I want it and it has a very high price point? But I do admit that they are high-end luxurious performs. I think I just have issue with some of it not being worth their price. Take ‘Playing For The Devil,’ for example. From the packaging, you can tell that this is a perfume that should be special. That clutch that comes with it is so beautiful that it’s an instant ‘want’ for me. But frankly, the perfume itself underwhelms me. And I have gone through three or four samples of it, in an attempt perhaps to convince myself that the perfume is worth it. but no, the perfume itself is a generic fruity floral that can be easily mistaken for a mid-brand thing from Macy’s. It’s blood orange, peach, and lychee, but blended so no one fruit overwhelms, making it smell so generic. The middle notes are a bunch of flowers – apparently some jasmine, a rose, some buds of blackcurrants. But again, so generic that you just get an impression of watered-down floral bouquet. While you can they used special ingredients, it hardly matters when you smell so generic. I can think off hand of several Lancome or Cartier fruity florals that do as good a job for a fraction what By Killian charges (any of Estee Lauder’s Paradise perfumes for example, and even signed by the same nose, Calice Becker) I have used the last of my samples tonight, finally, and I think that I have finally convinced myself this is not worth a full bottle buy.

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