Kids Just Want To Have Fun (Movie Thoughts: Kids In Love)

kilwebLook, I probably love London more than anyone I know, but in ‘Kids In Love,’ I learn that millenials in there are just as annoying as the ones in the United States. Will Poulter stars in this movie directed Chris Foggin’s kids-filled movie. he plays Jack, who is eighteen years old, and is taking a gap year before going to Uni. Then he meets a mysterious French girl named Evelyn, played Alma Jodorowsky, and his life is momentarily turned upside down. He hangs out with them, he squats at their place, foregoing household responsibilities, childhood friends, and an internship acquired by nepotism. Everything is fun and games until you realize you need to work to live life, and then you go back to reality. That is basically the plot of this film, its thinness ready to sink the whole thing at any minute. I felt a lot of it a waste of my time, but I did enjoy the obscure London locales, so it wasn’t a total loss I guess. But for others, I bet it will be.

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