In Karen’s Time (Music Thoughts: It’s About Time, Karen Mason)

iconsquarekarenmasoncdcoverSome people say there’s such a thing as cabaret singing – it’s a little more dramatic, a lot more intimate than jazz singing, which at times could be more technical. Karen Mason would be the best example of cabaret singing – her voice is very theatrical, each number of hers a scene, everything becomes an aria. And her new album ‘It’s About Time’ is a cabaret album, no doubt. You can almost envision the album’s corresponding show in your head as you listen to it. Mason’s style isn’t subtlety – she give her all in each song here, and I would imagine that repeated listenings to this could become tiresome, but taken one by one, you can truly appreciate what she puts into a song, which is a lot. Her ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ is as big as in any Gypsy production, and she documents that here. She is starring in a pre-Broadway show called ‘Chasing Rainbows’ so she includes a couple of Judy Garland numbers like ‘Over The Rainbow,’ and ‘Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart’  and she sings them well enough that it honors Garland.  And I liked ‘Finding Wonderland,’ one of her shows from Frank Wildhorn’s ‘Wonderland,’ a show she starred on Broadway. The title of the album refers to the nine years since she released her last album. It also references the song her husband, Paul Rosnick, wrote for friends of hers after Marriage Equality became a la – it’s actually a good song. There are a lot of things going on here, but once sorted out,could give pleasure.

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