What’s Good About Goodbye (Television Thoughts: The Good Fight, CBS All Access)

7e48ab5b71380fe45d9fd4fc31e59543Didn’t I saw before that I missed ‘The Good Wife?’ Well, I shouldn’t really fret. The creators of that show has come up with ‘The Good Fight,’ and even the title is similar, because this is essentially the same exact show, minus the good wife. Sure, the set up is sort of different: Christina Baranski, magnificent as Diane Lockhart, is front and center here now, and she and her character come front and center here, and it’s fantastic, because she no longer needs to share the spotlight. There are some other characters here, but they seem to bow down to Her Highness Baranski.

Basically, her character Diane, on the even of her retirement, finds out her life savings have been depleted thanks to a Ponzi scheme by her financial adviser. Maia, played by Rose Leslie, plays her goddaughter, and her financial adviser’s daughter. She is a junior associate, and is the ‘good wife’ character here – just starting out her lawyer career, and is Lockhart’s protege of sorts. Steele plays her with this forced naivet√©, which is natural but i a bit off-putting for me. I was all unsure about Steele, but have warmed up to her a little bit by episode three.

But the show, though, feels familiar, like a cozy sweater. This is the kind of show that is addictive and perfect for binge watching. I started with the pilot and couldn’t sleep until I finished the third. I am pretty sure this will be th norm from now on.

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