Burgers And Lies (Movie Thoughts: The Founder)

b99c41b8ded57fc8110cb87f84e2c704I now love watching film biographies of people – I find people interesting. There’s always something in anyone that makes them shine. And even if their life has turned out sad, the journey there can be more interesting. ‘The Founder’ is a two biographies in one: of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) who is responsible for teh success of McDonalds. It is also the biogrpahy of that company, starting from 1954 when it was launched in San Bernardino County up to when it became a billion dollar industry. The film, written by Robert Siegel and directed by John lee Hancock almost feels like a documentary – it is sleek and professionally done. It is also at times too clean. While we see the trajectory of Kroc from salesman to mogul, we don’t really know what makes him tick. He says that the key to his success is persistence, but what drives that persistence we don’t know. But the story is well told, and we see how the film lives Kroc even as we get exposed to how he ran over the original founders of the burger restaurant to make the company his. Keaton is great, as he does every trick there is for this character – it screams ‘Oscar’ bait and in a lesser year he may have been more successful.

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