Light But Still Chanel (Perfume Thoughts, No. 5 L’eau, Chanel)

375fac0000000578-3747565-image-m-93_1471547070225Isn’t Channel no 5 good enough ? Chanel has been trying to reinvent this iconic perfume for a while now, and I wish I paid more attention to all the flankers over the years, but I haven’t, so I really cannot say anything more about those. I own No. 5, of course, but use it rarely – I always think there’s a time and place for it, and probably if I wore it to the office, i won’t get as much pleasure. Last year, Chanel introduced No. 5 L’eau, which is a fresher version of the iconic scent, and that statement alone could make me run for the hills against it. But at one point I tried it at Sephora, and was really impressed by it, and initially I couldn’t figure out how to describe how I felt about it. I needed a proper wearing of it, I told myself.

And today, I did, from a sample given to me. On the onset, it’s definitely a child of No.5. I am glad there is still a burst of aldehyde from the opening, although its softer round the edges – the Rose de Mai here is very sheer, and very floral, it’s blended well with sheer neroli and sheer mandarin. It took an image of the original No 5 and made it light pink, but not in the screechy light pink we normally associate light pink with. It’s fresh, but it also has characters. It’s floral but doesn’t overpower without being bland. It’s still smells very couture, but more classy diffusion than haute. It still has that distinctive Chanel smell, I know on a blindfold test, that would be the first thing I would say. Would I recommend it to a young person? Sure, but  think the ones who would appreciate it most are the ones who would also ‘understand’ Chanel well. (I don’t even think I fit that category, to be honest. ) Do I want it?  Yes, very much so, but I am in no rush.

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