By Special Arrangement (Television Thoughts: The Arrangement, Sundays on E!)

p13778988_b_v8_aaI was going to make a snarky comment about  E! was going into scripted programming when I realized they have already, with that Royal family soap, which I had been meaning to check out. When I read briefs about their new show ‘The Arrangements,’ I was interested because I read it was going to be about an arranged marriage between a Hollywood superstar and an unsuspecting woman.  My first thought was that this would have gay content, and starring Josh Henderson, the whole idea seemed tantalizing. (I know Henderson is a devout Christian, and probably would never take a gay role) But the show set up is ickier – Henderson plays Kyle West, who is a member of a Scientology-like cult. he meets and is instantly enamored by Megan (Christina Evangelista) and he whisks her to a private Mexican island. A day after she gets an offer of a contract to be his girlfriend, with major stipulations, of course. Is he really in love with her or just using her? Is she getting herself into something more dangerous? The pilot episode is nice and fast paced, and it is trashy enough for perfect Sunday night viewing. Comparisons will be inevitable to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and I hope the show is broader than that. I’ll be tuning in to find out.

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