She Had It All (Movie Thoughts: All We Had)

large_all_we_hadI was just talking about Katie Holmes, and it just so happens that I just watched her movie, ‘All We Had,’ and found out that this is her directorial debut. Based on a book by Annie Weatherwall’s 2015 novel, the film is one of those ‘women-in-peril’ movies,  although in this case, Holmes’ character Rita’s perils are caused by herself by making all these bad decisions for her and her daughter, Ruthie (a luminous Stefania Owen)  and the she runs away from these said problems. She gets into ruts and bottoms, and Holmes, in poor girl grub, is deglamourized and acts like the martyr. This film seems to be not broad enough for a major movie, and is more akin to one of those Lifetime movies – although if I have to confess, I have not seen any of those Lifetime movies in years. I do like Holmes as an actress, and she is effective her, and their mother-daughter relationship is appealingly complex at times. There is even a sub storyline about a trans woman that is very positive, and I also appreciated Luke Wilson as one of her love interests. This is not the worst thing in the world, but it is truly forgettable.

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