Table Trash (Movie Thoughts: Table 19)

large_table_nineteen‘Table 19’ is marketed as some kind of romantic comedy (look at the poster on the left) but it’s not. It’s a quarter f one, if that. What it is is a mess of a movie, and even though I love Anna Kendrick, she can’t save this sinking ship. Kendricks plays Eloise, who gets invited to a wedding and gets lumped into a table of people who are misfits – or as they explain it, people who they hoped would not come to the wedding. So yes, we are starting the movie off to a compassionate start. It does not go to a better place  nether Eloise’s table mates not the other people int he wedding are people you would want to spend time with. About twenty minutes into the film, I wanted to run out screaming.  June Squibb, Margo Martindale,  and Lisa Kudrow are both great actors, but they are made to look foolish and worse, stupid, that I kind of felt sorry for them having to do this movie — surely they had better offers than to appear in this dreck? I am still lamenting the death of the great romantic comedy (I wouldn’t even put ‘La La Land in there)  and I had some hope for this film, but alas, a huge disappointment.

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