Right White (Movie Thoughts: White Girl)

large_large_c4mvBk9cRAkyp9DpzlOBSmeuzG6‘White Girl’ is one of those movies that polarize – and  I certainly had some violent unpleasant reactions to it. But, you know what? It hasn’t left me yet – it has kept me thinking about the characters, even though a lot of them are despicable and the lead character, Leah, played by Morgan Saylor, made a lot of questionable and horrific decisions. Actually, scratch that – she also made a whole ton of questionable and horrific acts. But this film tackles ‘white privilege,’ and the director Elizabeth Wood, has claimed that the film is semi-autobiographical, so you know that some of these were based on real-life experiences.

It’s a simple story – a girl moves to Queens with her friend to do an internship, and she falls in love with a Puerto Rican drug dealer, who she helps out of prison after he gets busted for seeing drugs. But the film is much more than that – it’s about hedonism, and that unflinching entitlement that most young people have, especially young white kids. The movie is raw, and honest, and it stings – half the time I was covering my eyes as if I were watching a horror flick. But as I said earlier, however you feel about this film, no one can say that it is boring. It assaults you, it jolts you, it throws everythign in your face. I guess something has to be said for that.

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