Cherry Leather (Perfume Thoughts: Bendelirious, Etat Libre d’Orange)

eldo_bendelirious-300x300I remember Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue fondly – if only for their old perfume department. I remember when I worked not too far from it, I would walk the eight blocks and two avenues just to check out new releases from L’Artisan, or Lubin, or Etat Libre d’Orange. It had a good relationship with Eld’o that the house created a perfume in conjunction with it – called Bendelirious (I mistyped Bendelirious as Bendilicious on Google, and I got hits on the DKNY fragrance) Of course, like all things great, the perfume department at Bendel’s is a ghost of its former self – I actually was contacted by my favorite sales associate there when they were getting rid of their niche brands, and got bottles as much as 75% off.

I don’t know what possessed me to wear this scent today, and I don’t knowo why, but I remember not loving this – in my mind I remember this as a generic fruity floral – probably because it was launched in 2008?

I am suddenly utterly in love with this scent – it’s a fruity oriental. Well, the two notes that stand out to me are cherry and iris, so I guess it is technically a fruity floral, but there is one note here that shows up after the initial burst, and that is suede. The leather not, combined with the cherry makes the perfume fun and flirty. The weather has started to warm up, and it’s a sudden burst of spring for me. It’s fresh, and has promises of fun sunny days. The suede note adds an air of sophistication. It makes me feel like taking out a new Bottega Veneta bag (if I had a new one, or any)

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