Cat Scratches (Movie Thoughts: Catfight)

catfightA number of times while watching ‘Catfight,’ I found myself chuckling and saying. “What the eff am I watching?” To say that this film is weird is an understatement. It’s even a film that’s difficult to describe – part black comedy, part domestic drama I guess. There are very bittersweet scenes. But, I have to say that the two main stars – Sandra Oh and Anne Heche – are both terrific. Playing lifelong enemies, they go through some violent interactions, and are both faced with severe consequences for their actions. I found Oh to be particularly touching – her reactions are all on point (did I just use that term? Yikes)  And Alicia Silverstone, playing Heche’s on-screen lover has one very delicious scene at a Brooklyn hipster’s baby shower (that scene alone is worth your time watching this film)  I think the last part peters out a bit, but this film is brave, overwrought and stunning, in the best way possible. I am pretty sure it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is worth a taste.

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