Leather On The Down Low (Perfume Thoughts: Dunhill Icon Elite, Dunhill)

downloadI never ever pay attention anymore to the Department Store Mens Fragrance Department because they all smell alike – if you close your eyes, I bet you will not be able to distinguish one from the other. I recently got a sample of Dunhill Icon elite, and I find out later that it is a flanker of Dunhill Icon, which I recently discover as a favorite of some perfumistas (I guess I better sample that)  I was going to use this sample for my pillows, but decided to put it on my skin before spritzing them on my sheets. The top notes are more of the same – those ‘fresh’ men’s fragrance notes like bergamot, cardamom, and really liek chemical interpretations of those. But then a couple of minutes later the scent turns a little darker – it becomes peppery, and here comes some leather. Actually a whole lot of leather – the notes list it as ‘Black Suede.’ I actually had to stop and sniff my arms, because you know me and my leathers. I had to admit it was quite nice, and unique. After a couple of minutes, it fades into the background and we get the usual woodsy sandalwood base note that they all have. While that spurt of leather was nice, you have to wait for it and is fleeting. But you have to give this perfume props for that little surprise. I see the bottle is kind of nice, in a tech kind of way – it looks like the Amazon Alexa or whatever that thing is called. Would I consider a purchase? Perhaps, but for very cheap. I see fragrance discounters already have this at a low price. With a generous coupon, I could be enticed, but don’t hold your breath.


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