After Life (Book Thoughts: I Liked My Life, Abby Fabiaschi)

29875926I have been so behind on reading. Even with my yearly goal lessened by 25%, I am still right now eleven books behind on it, and I am making a new vow to set aside an hour or more each night to just decompress and read. It’s something I always loved to do, but nowadays the internet and social media usurps some of the time I used to allot on it.

But I finally did get to finish ‘I Liked My Life,’ by Abby Fabiaschi, and it took me a while. It started for me a little slow, and I had even asked my friend Melissa, who loved the book, if the story picked up. It did, and it even had a very satisfying and unexpected ending. The story is told from three points of view – Maddy, a mother who committed suicide, Eve, her teen aged daughter, and Brady, her husband. They all deal and process her lose, with Maddy ‘watching’ over them. I think perhaps there may be a little too much going on at times, but they were all wrapped up neatly at the end. I couldn’t help but feel for these characters, as I am also a member of that club where a parent passes away when one is still young. I thought this book was ultimately very satisfying, and you will be able to connect with all of these characters.

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