Walk Of Shame (Movie Thoughts: Walk Of Fame)

Resize___Walk_of_FameOh, yes, me and my thing with cute actors – that is the main reason why I started watching ‘Walk Of Fame.’ Well, that and also because I needed to fold four loads of laundry so I wanted something mindless to watch.  Well, it looks like I certainly got my wish because this is as mindless as it gets – it’s so bad that you wonder how anyone would think anyone would want to see it. Really the only reason I kept watching is because I was trapped in my chair folding laundry, and also, well, Scott Eastman is really pretty to look at, although there is a little bit of shame there because he is probably a homophobic Christian Republican like his father. He probably would not appreciate some gay man gawking at him. Well, them’s the breaks, I guess, for everyone.

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