Another World (Book Thoughts: Between Two Worlds: Lesson From The Other Side, Tyler Henry)

30139140When it comes to “mediums,” I always say you either believe in them or not. And I am firmly placed on the “believe” side. As a matter of fact, I finally saw one recently, and it was such a good experience that it made me believe more. I finally had a chance to read Tyler Henry’s ‘memoir,’ ‘Between Two Worlds.” Henry is called the Hollywood Medium because he is based in Los Angeles and has a clientele of showbiz folks. That is also the title of his reality show on E!, which has had two successful seasons. At first, I was skeptical – of the book. Henry is only twenty years old – does someone that age warrant a memoir? Will he have anything to say?

He has a lot to say, and most of the book is informational – about how he connects to spirits, how he goes about formulating a reading, and mostly your basic ‘why I am a medium and what I do’ stuff. That isn’t what I was looking for, but it was informative to read. I liked more the parts where he talked about his life – how he first discovered his ‘gift,’ how he came about being the Hollywood Medium. And nary a mention of his sexual orientation? But he is young enough, and I suspect there will be more to come.

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