Long Long Distance Love Affair (Movie Thoughts: The Space Between Us)

thumbYou think your long distance relationship is bad? How about if your bae is from another planet? That is the premise in ‘The Space Between Us,’  a young adult sci-fi romance that surprised me – in a good way. I initially did not think it would be my kind of movie, but after I started watching, I just got into it and ended up really enjoying it. It’s a story about a boy who grew up in Mars (don’t ask) who flies to Earth to meet his chat mate. And he gets more than he bargained for, of course. It’s a very sweet story, and we can easily inject all our cynicisms and look for giant holes int he story – and there are plenty. But suspend your disbelief and you will find there’s a big heart in here – and the boy’s heart even shows up in the plot. The kids, played by Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson have modern day spunk with just the right amount of chemistry. You will not be able to help but get swept away in the story, even if your intelligent mind is butting in and saying “no, no, no.”  It sometimes pays to listen to just your heart every once in a while.

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