Bland Hotel (Television Thoughts: A Very British Hotel, BBC4)


I love all things British – that’s no secret to anyone who knows me, so I was looking forward to watching ‘A Very British Hotel,’ which is on BBC4. What makes a hotel distinctively British, and what makes this particular hotel the most British hotel in all of London? Unfortunately, even after watching two and a half episodes of ‘A Very British Hotel,” i still have not gotten an answer.

I actually have gone inside the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel. We walked from the park once and I needed to go to the bathroom so badly that when I spotted this hotel, I just went in and pretended I was a guest. I remember going downstairs to the rest rooms, and they were beautiful. I even mentioned to my friend that they had cloth napkins to wipe your hands after washing them – a true sign of poshness. Indeed, the Royal Suite here costs L15,000 per night, and the hotel attracts of a very rich clientele.

The docu series boasts that for the first time, the hotel opens its doors to cameras so we can see what makes it tick, but I found out nothing new. Their standards are just the same as any other luxury hotel, and I found the dry commentators really boring. After two and a half episodes, I turned it off. And alas, what makes the hotel ‘British’? They just mislabeled the title of the show for hype. All in all, a pretty worthless two hours of mostly regurgitated material.

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