When You Fall, You Fall (Movie Thoughts: Fallen Stars)

MV5BNzYzNmFkODYtNjc1ZS00ZjQyLWFhN2ItN2Y2NjFiOWZmNTM3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjc0NTIwMzU@._V1_UX182_CR00182268_AL_-1There’s something about very intimate movies that speak to me. A lot of what is in ‘Fallen Stars’ feels familiar, and you have seen it before. Yet there’s still that special connection here that works. In Brian Jett’s film, two unlikely souls meet, and they are both at points in their lives where loneliness seeps in and each is finding their way in the world. Their meeting sounds like a recipe for disaster, and truly, the road they navigate is tricky. You wonder if you are just two ships that pass in the night, or will one of them get left behind? Ryan O’Nan and Michele Ang play Cooper and Daisy, two Angelenos who do not know what they are seeking for but find in each other a certain kinship – or maybe more? They walk and talk, and fight. O’Nan injects charisma into a subtle role, and you feel for him instantly. Ang ‘s Daisy is a lot more complicated, but you will want to get to her core. You will fall in love with each of them, and for them, and with them. This is one of those small films with a big heart, though one can’t see it right away. Let the movie linger and simmer and you will find some great truths here.

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