I’ll Take Manhattan (Book Thoughts: The Perfect Manhattan, Leann Shear and Tracey Toomey)

50340I am always wary when I see a book with two authors, and I did not realize that ‘The Perfect Manhattan’  was written by two people – Leanne Shear and Tracey Toomey – until after I finished reading the book. This book was an enjoyable read, and I found myself invested in Cassie, the lead character/narrator. She is a Columbia graduate who did not know what to do in life, and throws herself into bartending so she could pay her student loan. She starts at a downtown Irish bar and moves to a club in the Hamptons. This is a combination fish out of the water novel and a coming-of-age of sorts. Cassie is given a life lesson in the course of a summer. It’s also written a bit messily – she describes herself as working class, but knows all brands and designer labels so there’s a bit of character conflict there. But the words fly and you will get caught in all the scenes. It’s fun, frothy, and a little bit intoxicating. You will have a little hangover in the morning, but there’s always aspirin to take that edge off.

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