Potent Scent (Perfume Thoughts: Elixir, Norell)

NMC23YC_muIt’s April, and I am wearing today a perfume that’s very floral, and very warm. It’s Norell Elixir, and I am having fun basking in it. I have had this sample for a long time now, and I don’t know why I have been ignoring it – I think perhaps I associated the name Norell as a cheap brand, when obviously it is not. When I checked, the bottle of Norell Elixir costs abotu $150.00 at Neiman Marcus, where it was exclusive for a while (I am sure it is available at other places by now)

Norell Elixir is a follow up to the original Norell, which I also have not sniffed. The original perfume is a favorite of some perfumistas. Elixir apparently is a more intense version of that perfume – and intense it is. It’s a great floral bouquet – I read tuberose and jasmine in the list of notes. But it is blended very well that neither note stands out, though you could discern each in it. There is patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin here that takes the edges of the floral, but again it’s blended perfectly that all you get is a real well-rounded cashmere-like scent. This is the kind of perfume that hugs you, and would be a great match with an expensive sweater. Its very old-school, but I would not label it as dated because its modern chypre quality makes it smell current. It’s very grown up, and well, I am more than grown up so I think ultimately it suits me. It lasts long and very potent – this is perfume for people who have confidence and can flaunt their own personalities.

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