Carrie-ing The Movie (Movie Thoughts: Carrie Pilby)

large_carrie_pilbyDoesn’t it irk you sometimes if you can’t figure out if you have already read a book? While watching the movie version of ‘Carrie Pilby’ I spent a lot of time figuring out if I had read the book the movie was based on, written by Caren Lissner. I surely remember the title, and can envision the cover of the book in my head, and surely the plot and even the dialogue sounds familiar. I think it really hindered in how I enjoyed the film.

And I enjoyed it, for the most part, and that is mostly from Bel Powley’s performance as the title character. I don’t think a lot of what worked on book translated on film, but by God she tried so hard to make it work, and mostly succeeded. You cannot take your eyes off her, and a lot of times you expect the character to react one way but Powley throws you a curve ball. I wish everything that was happening was a little streamlined – there were perhaps too many things happening here. The work scenario could just have been hinted, for example, as it didn’t really do anything for the story.  I kind of wish they had explored more the love storyline with the boy next door (William Mosley) as I enjoyed their unforced chemistry. There is a one-take scene where they talk and walk (and even dance) around a New York City block that was adorable, and I guess it did not hurt that I knew that block fairly well.  All in all, I mildly recommend it,  and only to lovers of this genre.

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