Love Is Blind (Television Thoughts: First Dates, NBC)


‘Blind Dates’ is a new show produced by Ellen Degeneres and narrated by Drew Barrymore so you know there’s some star muscle behind this show. It comes from an almost historic era – when people try to first get to know each other face to face. These are people who go on blind dates, and they all feel very awkward and just watching them gives me anxiety. But I kind of love the show – they show people are real: vulnerable, optimistic, genuine. In the end, aren’t we all just people who are looking for love, looking for that special someone out there who could be our ‘soulmate.’  This is that rare dating show where people are going on actual dates.

On the pilot episode, there was a moment that really touched. A nerdy, nervous guy is on a date, and to surprise the woman, right around desert time, he had the wait staff bring his young woman a bouquet of flowers. It is such a sweet gesture that it brought tears from my eyes. So these kinds of hopeless romantics still exist in the world, huh? What was more heartbreaking was that in their interview after, he was quite open about getting a second date from a woman, but she wasn’t. You can see the heartbreak in his eyes, and I wanted to hug him like a puppy dog. The woman he will eventually end up with is going to be one lucky gal.

But not all of the dates had as bad an outcome. I loved the older couple who found themselves reconnecting after the death of both their spouses. It kind of gives you hope, that even at an advanced age one can still find happiness in the heart. And a serial woman dater (she once went on a Tindr date on the way to another Tindr date) may just have found the man who could make her believe.

But I could imagine this show flopping here. Ig’s much too wholesome and old-fashioned for these cynical times. Plus, I like it a lot so it’s doomed for eternity.

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