Sights On and Off (Movie Thoughts: The Ticket)

large_dXUODgA4Gxr8vn2BIpH7irhfWGDI don’t think I mentioned Dan Stevens when I wrote about ‘Beauty And The Beast’ but I thought his Beast was pretty good – he was able to convey what is good and attractive about the beast even with the mask. He is equally good in ‘The Ticket,’ as James, a blind man who suddenly recovers his sight. Stevens goes through all the changes in the character with ease, and is effective as the character peels more layers so we can see its true colors. I don’t think I ever saw Stevens before both films. I know he was in Downton Abbey, but believe it or not, I have only seen half an episode of that show. So for me, Stevens is a big nice revelation.

If only I liked this film as much as his performance here. It’s heavy handed with the message, but it’s one we have all heard before, and we can all see coming a mile away. I wish James was written as a fuller character – it’s obviously complex but there are a lot of gray there, and try as Stevens might to shed some light, we still are left in the mostly dark. If there is any reason to see this, it would only be to see Stevens, as I predict he is going to be a big big star.

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