For Faith (Music Thoughts: Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope, Reba McIntyre)

Reba-McEntire_Sing-It-Now-Album-Cover-1481844683I am far from being the most religious person in the world, but I am kind of a sucker for some religious music.  Don’t tell anyone, but I do have a playlist of such songs, and sometimes when I listen (or sing along) to these songs, I feel like I am praying, and connecting to the spirit above. To be honest, McIntyre is not my most favorite singer in the world, but I do get why she appeals to her fan base.

‘Sing it Now: Songs Of Faith and Hope’ is a two disc set, wherein the first disc is a collection of traditional standards (well, not standards in the Great American sense, but more of the church kind) and there is a second disc of newer material. I read that the first disc was released as a stand alone in 2010, but I cannot be certain. Well, that’s the disc I liked better – you can her heartfelt interpretation these songs, like ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ and ‘Amazing grace,’ among other songs. I really loved her version of ‘How Great Thou Art,’ even though I heard and loved numerous versions of that song already.

The second disc, the newer material, is more generic sounding to me. Or maybe this is because all these newer country songs sound alike to me. These songs go from one ear to another without any retention.

But that’s fine. I wanted to write about this as we start Holy Week. Maybe I will play Disc One and not feel like too much of a sinner.

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