Selina’s Changes (Television Thoughts, Veep, HBO)

Veep-s6-poster-600x888The big question for Veep, as it goes into its sixth season, is how can you satirize something when the reality we have now for the presidency is already stranger than satire? David Mandel – the show’s showrunner – has wisely taken its main character, Selina Myer, out of politics, and has placed her from outside looking in.  Myers is now an ex-President, and as a normal citizen, has not lost her venom and bite, and we are all for the better. She has an office in a not-so-nice neighborhood, but her right hand man Gary (Tony hale, still the funniest) is still there, catering to her every whim. Her previous staff has disseminated into other ventures, but somehow I feel all their lives are still interconnected and will cross paths once again.

And Julia Louis Dreyfuss is still tops, and on the pilot, still gives a gold medal performance. her Myers is mean, cruel, and delusional, but never ever unlikable. She knows how to straddle that line, and I don’t even know where that line begins and ends. This season will be unpredictable for this show, and I will be there to watch every single nuance of it.

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