Resurrection in Stone (Film Thoughts: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone)

The_Resurrection_of_Gavin_Stone_film_posterI figured since it’s Easter, I might as well write about something related to it, and I searched and searched until I found this new-ish movie titled ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.”  It is produced by Vertical Church Films Production, and to me that’s sounded scary, and I was expecting some kind of propaganda film meant to sway people into concerting to Christianity – these people are always recruiting.

It’s not really all the way like that, to be honest. There’s a sweet little film here, with an expected message, and predictable story. I don’t think there was one surprise here – it is exactly what you think it will be. Gavin Stone (an adorable Brett Dalron) is a troubled former child star who gets sentenced to two hundred hours of community service, which he has to serve in church. He starts out in a janitorial position but finds out the church is in the process of mounting an Easter play, so he inserts himself in there to play the role of Jesus, and of course there’s a little road block, the director, played by Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, playing one of those predictably uptight Christians. Hilarity ensues, and you can tell the by-the-numbers script what happens after and at this point. The movie means, well, but it is not bigger than a Hallmark movie channel (that network is referenced in one of the dialogues) It’s not a bad film, just a forgettable one, and sometimes that’s worse.

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