The Devil You Love (Movie Thoughts: Handsome Devil)

HandsomeOne of my first real pleasant movie surprises this year is ‘Handsome Devil,’ an Irish feel good coming of age/coming out movie.  You would think at this point of my life I have already had my fill of these kinds of movies but I guess my jaded heart still hasn’t ceased from feeling because I found myself balling while watching it – tears of joy, because I got so involved with the characters.

There’s nothing new here, bur we have great performances, starting with Fionn O’Shea as Ned, the outsider who is geeky and nerdy but with a musical heart of gold. Then comes Connor (Nicholas Galitzine) as his new roommate – expelled from another boarding school because of fights, and they form an unlikely friendship. Circumstances dictate this friendship to be compromised, and revealing more would be criminal.

You will find yourself very caught up with this, and it’s one of those movies where you are tearing up while you are still laughing. It’s treacly, and preachy – probably to the choir – but it is ultimately uplifting and you will be clapping your hands by the end credits.


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