In The Bloom Of The Night (Perfume Review: Alexander McQueen Eau De Parfum)


Sarah Burton released her first perfume for Alexander McQueen last year, and surprise of all surprises, I just sniffed it recently. and I think it was because the earlier pure parfum version was priced at four hundred dollars (The Sales Associate at Saks corrected me: “It’s actually three hundred ninety five”) and I told myself, there was no way I was going to pay that kind of money, so why bother sampling. But now she has come up with a ‘lighter’ Eau de Parfum version, with affordable price points, and of course I happily tested the scent.

First of all, this isn’t the Alexander McQueen’s brand anymore, and it reflects. This isn’t Kingdom by McQueen at all, and I don’t know if Alexander McQueen would have released this kind of perfume. Like Burton’s design, the perfume still feels couture, but it’s streamlined and not nearly as out there as Alexander’s designs. That said, I truly loved this, because it is a beautiful big white floral perfume that’s well-balanced, and really refined and classy.

Alexander McQueen Eau de Parfum has notes of three night-blooming flowers – Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose, and Ylang Ylang. And that really is it. On my skin, it starts ff with those notes but with just a bit of citrus to freshen the top notes. Then the flowers bloom, and on me the jasmine is front and center. This is a very refined Jasmine – nothing indolic here – but it isn’t a shy one – this one is in full bloom. It is a beautiful jasmine – one you can out on Sarah Burton’s gown – it’s controlled and everything is blended so only the beauty comes out. The tuberose is also rich, and there are sniffs when you get a hint of it – slightly coconuty. The ylang ylang provides just the right greeness to edge it out. This is a beautiful floral perfume – not as loud as Fracas, a little more ordinary than Carnal Flower. As I said, I loved it instantly and as I walked around wearing it, the perfume made me feel like I was wearing something beautiful and couture. It’s not screechy enough that it could actually be very office friendly, and I bet people will say wow that’s a rich perfume you are wearing.

Many reviews have likened it to Madonna’s Truth Or Dare, and that could be true, although I trust McQueen would have better material. If you have Madonna’s and you love it, this will feel like an upgrade, but then again test this and you may feel like that will suit you enough (especially if big white florals scare you, and that is understandable) For me, though, this is a wonderful big white floral that is accessible enough, and expensive-smelling enough. It’s not quite as unique, but still decadent and expensive-smelling. I do admit that the EDP bottle is not as beautiful as the Parfum bottle with its gold-plated leaf, but this will more than suffice.

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